About WIA


Woodlands India Association is a non-profit organization started by the Indian community in The Woodlands, Texas.

The organization’s mission is to provide a platform for social and cultural gatherings. ┬áThe organization brings about a planned event almost every month to celebrate various Indian cultural events.

The WIA community annually elects Board Members who in turn volunteer their time to accomplish the community’s agenda in governance with the current bylaws.

Children get an opportunity to experience the Indian heritage and culture through these organized events. ┬áThe members’ participation in the cultural events and programs has been seen by the organization as the most valuable benefit of keeping everyone exposed to our culture and heritage.

Each year, the board works towards enhancing WIA’s visibility to The Woodlands and surrounding communities by taking initiative to participate in local community-based fundraising and social events.

The WIA is a cultural organization and it creates a diverse platform for people of all faiths and backgrounds.


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