Member Stamp Shows Membership Registration And Subscribing

Woodlands India Association membership is open to all the people who are interested in participating in the programs related to the Indian cultural background. Everyone has to abide by the by-laws and rental facilities’ rules.


  • Family – $150/year
  • Individual – $75/year

Membership Benefits

1. This is a social platform for all the people with Indian ethnic background and others with similar interests for networking.

2. It is a great opportunity for the kids and adults to showcase their talents during the cultural and related events.

3. WIA has programs throughout the year for the family members to enjoy.  Events include:

  • Enjoying food and snacks
  • Rejoicing in the local talent
  • Participating in the sports activities
  • Participating in the fun of dancing to the tunes of traditional and cultural music

4. Service oriented members can participate in the WIA outreach programs to serve the wider community.

5. Members can become part of the executive team.


Events cost $10-$25 per person (varying from event to event)

WIA encourages all the non-members to become members.

  • All of your family members can participate in the cultural events
  • You can benefit from the lower costs per program, given the number of programs per year


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